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What is the Zero G Experience?
What Can I Expect From the Zero G Experience?
How is Weightlessness Achieved?
What is the Duration of the Flight? How Will I Feel?
Is the Zero G Experience Physically Demanding?
What is the Minimum Age Requirement?
How Safe is the Flight?
What Kind of Pre-Flight Training and Information is There?
** Health Notice

What is the Zero G experience?

The ZERO-G Experience is a whole day event, located in Fort Lauderdale, FL, that takes you in flight on a Boeing 727 -200 aircraft with a qualified crew, where you experience weightlessness like an astronaut would feel in space. The ZERO-G Experience is a full flight that includes a training, 'astronaut food' with the coaches and crew, an after flight party, and Zero-G memorabilia such as ZERO-G merchandise including a mission log book, photo/video DVD, duffel bag, two t-shirts, framed photograph, framed certificate and mission patch.

What can I expect from the Zero-Experience?

The Zero-G Experience is a parabolic flight that takes you approximately 1.8g's until the air craft reaches a flight altitude of 24,000 to 32,000 feet. Like a rollercoaster, the plane is pulled up to approximately 45 degrees or nose high. The plane is then pushed over the top to begin the zero gravity segment of the parabolas. For the next 25-30 seconds everything in the plane is weightless. Hence a parabolic flight occurs. The feeling is similar to a free fall feeling when skydiving. At the end of the free fall period, the aircraft scoops you up to the top of the arc to begin the freefall process again.

How is weightlessness achieved?

Weightlessness is achieved through the parabolic maneuver that is repeated for up to 15 parabolas.

What is the duration of the flight? How long will I feel weightless?

The entire flight last anywhere between 90-100 minutes. You are guaranteed up to 15 parabolas. Each parabola will last for up to 30 seconds. Imagine experiencing up to 10 minutes of weightlessness!

Is the Zero-G experience physically demanding? What about motion sickness?

There should be no real health concerns if you are in fairly good health. There is a medical questionnaire you must review along with some general flyer forms you will receive upon booking that will facilitate your participation in the Zero-G Experience. Motion sickness is a typical concern if you generally experience motion sickness. To ensure a comfortable experience a light lunch is prescribed, the number of parabolas is limited to what the general public can handle, and you are eased into weightlessness. Rest assured you will be so excited about the flight that all you will experience is pure on earth space adventure!

What is the minimum age requirement?

The current age limit as required by the FAA is 15 years old. This is the age that the FAA accepts sitting at the emergency exit row.

How safe is the flight?

Safety is the number one priority! The Zero G Experience has held NASA's exceptional record for the past 45 years. You will be flying with the best the industry has to offer as each staff member is accredited and expert in their respective fields. The flight is also operated under strict standards of the FAA.

What kind of pre-flight training and information is there?

A full educational program and safety briefing is available to prepare you for the flight. This entails both lecture and training courses by a veteran astronaut.

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