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Experience the awesome thrill and peaceful serenity of hot air ballooning. We offer hot air balloon rides from hundreds of launch sites throughout the nation.

As the popularity of hot air balloon rides has grown, so have we. We are now the leading balloon flights network with locations nationwide that provide a wide variety of scenic choices.

From New England views famous for the breathtaking fall foliage, to colorful desert flights, green valleys, or spectacular views of any of your favorite spots- we provide the only comprehensive national balloon flights network throughout the nation.

Not surprisingly, over one-third of all balloon ride passengers in the nation fly with 1800SKYRIDE. We offer experiences for customers of all ages, and provide all types of flights suitable for anything from all American fun, to intimate getaways.

Want to make a marriage proposal romantic and unique? Or, is there a special event you want to make memorable? Try a fun and exciting Hot Air Balloon Ride! You'll be the envy of everyone on the ground as you sail up high in a colorful Hot Air Balloon.

Your Balloon Ride

Up, Up And Away! Few can resist the attraction as one hundred feet of wispy nylon majestically rises with the dragon-like roar of the burners. First, our crew chief will take you or your friend(s) to the launch site where the beautiful balloon is being inflated. As you take off you'll be more aware of the ground dropping away than of any sensation of movement or rising. The feeling of peace and tranquility is heightened by the apparent lack of wind - because you're moving with it.

Once in the air, your balloon may travel to heights of up to several thousand feet, allowing you to gaze down upon villages, towns and the countryside. Your skilled crew chief will navigate the balloon while you absorb the breathtaking view and experience a floating on air feeling. We travel above the treetops, and below the clouds for up to an hour, covering 5 or 10 miles. The 'miniature' people and cars scattered seemingly at random across the ground below look as if they've fallen from a toy box. You'll also have a good chance of spotting wildlife, particularly on morning flights. Views depend entirely on the wind on the day, which means every flight is a unique experience. Flying over an area of the country you know well is a great experience. With 1800SKYRIDE, our nationwide coverage means you might be able to look down on your own patch.

The supremely steady balloon basket provides an excellent vantage point for aerial photography. This incredible opportunity to record your trip is heightened by the ability of the pilot to turn the balloon using the 'rotation vents' - these provide you with a truly panoramic view as you float through the air.

You may also round off your balloon flight with a champagne or fruit juice toast, making the occasion even more memorable and ensuring that the experience is one that will stay with you for years to come. The whole experience takes about 3 hours. Three fantastic hours!

What To Expect

Everyone meets at a predetermined spot, usually an hour before sunrise. This is when the air is stable, and the winds are calm, ensuring a tranquil flight. After a cup of tea or coffee and a short flight briefing, you are welcome to help with the inflation, or stand back and take photographs.

The Day of the Balloon Flight
  • Meet the pilot and crew, sign in
  • Flight safety briefing
  • Help prepare and inflate the balloon
  • Take off
  • Enjoy the flight of your life
  • Balloon landing
  • Help the crew pack the balloon away
  • Return to start point
  • Champagne toast
  • More information is available on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

You can experience the magic of a Hot Air Balloon Ride, or give someone special the gift of this unique experience.

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