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To the staff at 1800SkyRide,

I recently took advantage of this great service and gave my youngest son, Phillip, an unforgettable life experience for his birthday! His father and I have been trying to develop his interests through hands-on activities, especially those you might not find in the heart of a bustling city like Philadelphia. After a school trip to an air-show, I got an idea, but didn't know how to go about it. That's when your site came up in a web search and I was so happy to find your service which offered such varied activities! I wasn't too ready to send little Philip flying through the air with a parachute.yet, anyway, but the Bi-plane ride looked like a perfect fit, matching his model plane interest. Having never done anything like this before, I had lots of questions, and after speaking with Christy, our customer service agent, our trip was planned in minutes! I cannot say enough about the service and care, and Phillip can't say enough about his ride! We've decided to reserve another trip soon with SkyRide! Thanks for being the alternative we need!

Suzy Coelridge

You cannot imagine how stoked I was to win the incentive at the office for a reservation certificate from SkyRide! We have been raffling the certificates monthly for six months now and the incentive has been great, but I couldn't seem to get my hands on it! Finally, I did! I called pronto to make arrangements for my Bi-plane flight over California. Dude, it was so AWESOME! My obviously experienced pilot was so cool and told me everything I needed to know including some interesting facts. It rocked to take off and feel the gust of the wind and the woosh in my stomach, staring through propellers at a blue sky. Finally, I was there.flying through the air over some of the most beautiful country with a unique view that was absolutely stunning. I will never forget my first time up, but I'm glad I brought my camera just in case I do. I was shocked when I found out how affordable my reservation certificate was. I was even more shocked when I learned that I can learn to pilot the plane! Today, I have ten hours left before I can pilot the plane alone. So it turns out that I won more than a certificate for being the best at work, I found a new hobby and great way to spend my time. So thanks for helping me discover a new way to enjoy California.

Cory Lassiter


Thank you SkyRide for the being my ultimate make-up gift! You know me by name, I've called to make reservations so often! This last time; however, my boyfriend added a catch.I had to go up too. I wasn't completely thrilled with the idea, but it did look like a lot of fun, and it wouldn't hurt to meet this pilot he couldn't stop talking about either. So we added my flight with our usual reservation service rep. WOW! I can't believe I hadn't gone up sooner! And the pilot was a lot of fun too! We even had lunch together after our flights. It was quite the experience sailing through the clouds and experiencing the flight maneuvers that my boyfriend talked about. I'm so glad that we got to share our time and spend it doing something exciting. We've been thinking about trying all the activities offered through SkyRide, so see you there and thanks for the great service!

Lonnie Daniels

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