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I just wanted to take a few minutes to say thank you for the fabulous hot air balloon ride that you arranged for my fiancè and I.

My fiancè proposed to me on Valentine's Day in a hot air balloon ride that he arranged through 1-800-SkyRide. How could I possibly say no?!? We set the date for next summer.

The scenery was breathtaking. My fiancè arranged for a sunrise flight. I was not crazy about getting up so early when he first told me we would be taking a small "trip" the following morning, but It was soooooo worth it! There is nothing more beautiful and serene than watching the sun rise while floating above the countyside. My fiancè told me that he chose a sunrise flight, because he was hoping that the symbolism of starting a new day together might sway me to start a new life with him. I found out later, that this was just the best time to go, and he made the rest of it up.but it was still incredibly romantic! Thank you for making the beginning of our engagement, and future together such a memorable experience!

Catherine Hunt (The future Mrs. Donald Shepherd)

After spending the day with my family watching Brian inflate our balloon, and then floating above the mountains together, I really feel as though he is a part of our family. He was great with the kids, and we all had an absolutely unforgettable day. This was one family vacation that our kids will never forget. It has been over a month ago, but the kids still mention Brian almost every day! He turned it into a real learning experience for the kids, and explained things so well (on their level) that he really sparked an interest for them. My oldest son is doing a project on hot air balloons for the science fair. He and my husband are building a small balloon and it is quite impressive! Thank you Brian, for all your patience and for making that wonderful day into a memory that our family will always treasure.

Caroline Jenkins & Family

I don't think that you'll ever realize how much the experience meant to my husband and I. I bought the SkyRide Balloon Ride for our 50th anniversary. Our only son was killed in a car crash 2 years before, and my husband has had a difficult time adjusting to his death. My husband had a lot of hobbies before the accident, but nothing seemed to matter to him afterwards. Everything seemed to remind him of Sam. They were very close and did many things together. When I purchased the certificate, I was really just hoping for a romantic get away with my husband, but instead I seemed to have hit on something that stimulated more than a mere romance. As a matter of fact, it was not at all what I had expected. Jon spent most of the time pumping our pilot for information about the aeronautics of ballooning! Jon is now talking about learning to pilot one himself! I just wanted to say thank you to everyone at 1-800-Sky-Ride for the way that everything was handled. The experience was beautiful, but more importantly it has provided my husband with a new interest that has given him back part of the spark that has been missing in recent years.

Thank you,
Suzanne Fields

Thank you for the best day of my life! My boyfriend booked our balloon ride to celebrate our first anniversary together. I had been dropping hints (or bugging him, as he would say) to do something really romantic for our anniversary. I couldn't' believe it when he surprised me with the balloon ride! He had a picnic basket with wine and cheese and fruit that we enjoyed while floating over the vineyards. He really came through! He will openly tell you that he does not understand all the sentimental fuss behind anniversaries, etc. He feels like if he shows me that he loves me year round, then that is what matters. He doesn't understand it himself, but he knows that it is important to me. That is why it means all the more to me that he went to so much trouble for me. He created a special and beautiful memory that I will remember for the rest of my life. Thank you for helping him make me so happy.

Ashley Sailors

I thought that my husband could never top his proposal (He hired a violinist to accompany us on a picnic by the lake), but this year for our first anniversary he surprised me with a SkyRide Balloon Ride. I had always wanted to take a balloon ride, ever since I saw a balloon festival when I was a little girl. It was just one of those things that you always think would be nice, but never actually do.

The weather was perfect on the day that we took our balloon ride. He arranged it for sunrise, so we enjoyed the most spectacular display of color I have ever seen (of course that might be all about perspective)! The serenity and beauty was absolutely unforgettable. Thanks again for making all of this possible!

Theresa Jacobs

My husband is a good man, but bless his heart, he does not have a romantic bone in his body. Imagine how surprised I was when he suggested that instead of going to the mountains for the weekend as we usually do for our "mini" vacations, that we take a balloon ride. I thought it was a great idea, and figured I better strike while the iron was hot.he doesn't get ideas like this very often. We called you and had everything arranged within a couple of days! I really appreciate all the extra effort that everyone there went to so that we could follow through on this spontaneous, and fabulous idea! Karen really went the extra mile to ensure that we would be able to do it that weekend. I enjoyed the ride, but more than anything, I enjoyed that my husband thought of it! Thanks for helping to shake things up a little and add a little spice to our marriage!

Sandy Rorie

I was so disappointed when I broke my leg three weeks before our annual ski trip. My wife bought us a SkyRide Certificate to console me, and it definitely made up for things. It was magnificent! Although I am accustomed to doing being very active, my injury has given me the time (and an excuse) to slow down and enjoy some quieter moments. I really don't like using words like this.but it was a very spiritual experience. It was so peaceful. I won't say that I am glad that I broke my leg, but I am glad that my wife took the initiative to use my injury as an excuse to arrange for us to do something a little different. Thanks for adding a little variety to my life.

David Weiner

Thanks for providing my Mother with such a wonderful memory. It had always been a dream of hers to take a balloon ride, so a SkyRide Certificate seemed to be the perfect Mothers Day Gift.

The ride was perfect. Calm and beautiful. Of course the excitement centered around searching for a place to land, and the eventual landing itself. The lake next to the field where we landed was the ideal place for our champagne toast and picnic. Douglas was terrific and most professional, and we felt safe all the way. The crew was very friendly as well. Thanks for a good and safe time. I would gladly recommend you to anyone who was interested.

Clayton Kendall

Thanks for providing such a wonderful experience. From the moment of anticipation that preceded the inflating of the balloon, to ascending into the air, and finally to the landing (which was much softer than I had expected) the whole day was absolutely perfect! I think we startled the geese that scattered in 20 different directions when we landed, but it made for an eventful ending to the perfect day. Tim, our pilot, was great and the crew was fun, but very efficient. You could tell that everyone was a "pro". I can't stop talking about this to all of my friends. Don't be surprised if you see me again!

Debra Meadows

I always wanted to take a balloon ride over the wine country, so when my fiancé suggested that we do it for our honeymoon I could have hugged him (actually I did.) Everyone was so thoughtful in helping us plan our balloon ride, that I wanted to let everyone know how wonderful it was. It was a fairytale beginning to what I hope will be a fairytale marriage. I truly believe in "she lived happily ever after" because that is how I feel right now. He is sleeping now, but if he were awake I'm sure that he would chime in with all sorts of compliments as well. We were both very impressed with the professionalism and caring that everyone showed us.

The balloon ride itself was breathtaking.I can't imagine a more romantic way to start a honeymoon. Our pilot and the crew really gave us the red carpet treatment, and we felt more like royalty than just the average newlyweds. What a wonderful beginning to our marriage!

Sharon Williamson

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