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My New Year's Resolution was to begin doing all the things that I had always promised myself that I would "someday" do. Skydiving was on the top of that list. I called 1-800-Sky-Ride, and you made all the arrangements! I really appreciate your professionalism, and helpful customer service staff. Scott answered all of my questions, and explained the different options available to me for a first skydive. With his help I picked the AFF method for my first jump. I guess most people do the tandem method their first time, but I really wanted to feel like I had accomplished something, as well as experience the rush of freefall. That is why the AFF was a better fit for me.

Everyone treated me like I belonged there from the moment I arrived for my skydive! I guess there is no mercy for new skydivers.they teased me all during the plane ride up, so that I never had a chance to get really scared about what I was about to do! I enjoyed the camaraderie almost as much as the actual skydive. I am definitely hooked. Call me an adrenaline junkie, I will be back!

Jimmie Travitz

I am one of those people that craves adventure, so skydiving was something that I had always wanted to do. A co-worker gave me the number to 1-800-SKY-RIDE, and suggested that I call you. I am so glad that I did! I had been a little bit down, and was in desperate need of a "pick me up". I am recently divorced, so this experience has changed my entire attitude about life. I am ready to conquer anything now! The exhilaration of skydiving is absolutely incredible. I can't believe that I waited this long to do it!

Sarah Benton


Wow! I am still on an adrenaline high! It has been over a week since I made my skydive, and I still can't seem to come down! I purchased the video package too, and every time that I watch it I get a little bit of the same thrill I got during my skydive. Chris did a great job on the video. The music he selected for the background was perfect! Every time I hear one of those songs on the radio now, I get all charged up all over again! I don't know how long this incredible feeling will last, but I just wanted to write and say THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Frank Lorenz


Thank you thank you thank you thank you! For the best day of my life! I never dreamed that skydiving could be so liberating! Even my boss has noticed that my whole attitude has changed. Skydiving has put such a positive spin on everything, that I feel completely recharged! I have been working full-time and going to school nights for so long, that I did not realize how much of a toll it had taken on me. I guess I was a little worn down from all of the stress. Boy, is skydiving the ultimate stress reliever!

Thanks again,
Tracy Littleton


I can't believe I finally got up the courage to go skydiving, but I am so glad that I chose 1-800-SKYRIDE to do it! Everyone there made everything so much easier by walking me through the process. Scott explained everything to me prior to making my reservation for me, and then Kara made sure that we were able to get the time that I wanted to work around my crazy schedule. Once I finally got out to the center, everyone there was equally great!

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