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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I just used my SkyRide Hanggliding Certificate yesterday and wanted to let you know how great the experience was. I would have written this yesterday, but I couldn't sit still long enough with all of the residual adrenaline coursing through my veins!

Jack Davidson

I began writing this to say thank you for getting me started on what I suspect will begin a new way of life for me, but I'm not sure if I should thank you or not.I am so hooked now! I always knew that I wanted to hanglide, but I never knew how it would consume my every thought after I'd had a taste! Now I'm planning my budget for the year, and it all revolves around leaving enough money for hangliding. There is equipment to purchase, lessons, etc. I am so excited about this. Thanks for starting me on this journey!

Carl Crankshaw

I'd like to take the time to say thanks to Kevin for a terrific hanggliding ride! I got my SkyRide Certificate for my birthday, and wasn't too sure about it, by made my reservation anyway. I got there for my appointment, and everyone there was just so nice and seemed to really understand how nervous I was. Kevin was assigned as my instructor, and introduced himself to me and immediately began joking around with me and helped me to relax. By the time we did the hangglide, I was completely at ease and was really able to enjoy the ride. It was the most beautiful thing that I've ever seen. I have never felt freer. Thanks again, Kevin for making this such a great day for me!

Connie Defoe

My parents gave me a SkyRide Certificate as a gift when I graduated from law school. As if all of the support and assistance that they provided during my education were not enough, I guess they wanted to make one more of my dreams come true. I had always wanted to hangglide, and had talked about it since I was a teenager. The experience was all that I had imagined it would be, and more!

I cannot begin to describe how beautiful it was up there. It was the most thrilling moment of my life. Everyone was extremely nice, and willing to explain everything to me in detail. They really seemed to enjoy it too! I would like to compliment Carl, in particular, on his professionalism and commitment to customer service. Thanks again, Carl, you really went out of your way to ensure that my hanggliding experience was the best! I will definitely be back.

Richard Glassman

Thank you for helping me overcome my fear of heights. I had always dreamed of hanggliding, but never had the courage to do it until my best friend gave me the SkyRide Certificate for my birthday. It was not what I had thought it would be, but exceeded my expectations. I never thought about doing it tandem.I guess I never really thought about the details.just that I'd like to do it. I was really nervous, but Thomas (my instructor) really helped me relax. Thanks for all your patience with this "scaredy cat"!

Wendy Samuels

I had a hard time deciding, but now that I've used my Interchangeable SkyRide Certificate, I know I made the right decision. What a great idea though! It was so much fun browsing your website after I received the certificate, and trying to decide which thing I wanted to use it for. I was torn between the hanggliding and the skydiving, but finally chose hanggliding because I felt it would be more like flying like a bird. Man! It was amazing! I'll probably try the skydiving thing sometime too, but can't imagine anything better than hangglidng at this point! Thanks for the time of my life!

Greg Bachman

Just thought I'd drop you an email to let you know how much fun I had today. It was awesome! Shawn was my instructor, and he was great. That has got to be the coolest job in the world! No wonder everyone seemed to be so happy about everything! I wish I could hangglide every day! When we took that last step off of the drop off, I thought I would pee in my pants, but then we were up there soaring with the birds and it was just incredible. You'll definitely be seeing me again!

Scott Zimmerman

Hi! I've done a lot of different things and I consider myself to be an adventurous sort, but hanggliding has got to be the best thing in the world! I've done rock climbing, bungee jumping, and snowboarding, etc., but nothing compares to the rush I got from hanggliding. Thank you for turning me on to my new sport of choice! The thrill of that last running step, to the freedom of soaring through the air and catching thermals is something that I will never forget. Just to be sure though.I'll be back!

Thanks again, Luke Perkinson

I can't begin to tell you what a great time I had hanggliding there. You have a first rate operation, and I would send anyone there that is interested in hanggliding. Your instructors were fun, but very professional. It was obvious that the goal was for everyone to have fun, but to do it safely. I really appreciate the care that was taken, and would highly recommend you to anyone looking for an exciting way to spend the weekend!

Rick Walker

Thanks for all the attention that your instructors gave to my mother and I when we were out last week. We had the most amazing time! Everyone was so patient with us. Even when we asked the same questions over and over again! A tandem hangliding ride made it so much easier to muster up the courage. I know that Mom felt so much more secure knowing that Ray was right there with her the whole time. Thanks for providing such a great adventure for us to share together!

Patti Johnson

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