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Hanggliding is the most peaceful and exciting form of personal aviation and has developed into a well-respected sport in recent years.

The modern hangglider is an aircraft in every sense of the word. Having undergone strict airworthiness testing for structural strength and handling capabilities, today's hang gliders have an enviable safety record.

Light and predictable controls, plus automatic stall recovery and anti-spin features built into the glider provide an aircraft that instills confidence and security in the trainee pilot.

1-800-SKYRIDE Centers utilize the most modern equipment available, and some of the most beautiful sites for teaching glider handling techniques, allowing you, the student pilot, the maximum training opportunities.

Our 1-800-SKYRIDE Centers supply all necessary training equipment, having the latest gliders suitable for all height, weight and strength students. Just bring suitable light clothing, footwear and a sense of adventure!

You are now on your way to enjoy the amazing range of flying experiences that Hangglider pilots can enjoy.

1-800-SKYRIDE looks forward to helping you realize your dream of flight!

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