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Taste flight as it was meant to be experienced! Imagine soaring effortlessly above the trees and achieving ultimate freedom first hand. Hang Gliding will change your perspective of the world around you. Our professional certified hang gliding pilots are here to give you the experience of a lifetime, whether you are looking for a tandem flight, or looking to become a certified Hang glider pilot yourself. 1800Skyride is here to give you the most unforgettable experience of your life.

When you are prepared for your flight, you may start by running off a cliff or hilltop and feel sheer exhilaration as the wind magically takes you across the skies, or the thrill of taking flight as your glider is launched. Once you have felt actual free flight you will never look at the skies the same way again.

Our tandem flight consists of a short briefing followed by a 30-45 minute flight. During your flight the pilot will explain what you are experiencing, and may allow you to take control of the Hang-Glider /Para-Glider. Tandem flights are best for the person who is seeking an amazing rush, with minimum commitment.

Why waste another day of your life sitting in front of the television. Come experience real high definition life first hand. Reality TV doesn't even begin to compare.

() today and take life on!

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