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REMEMBER that totally free feeling you felt the day you went on your first roller coaster ride? Or that higher sense of exhilaration you felt when you went skydiving for the first time? Imagine what it would be like to really fly?

Get ready as 1-800-SKY-RIDE brings you yet another adventure sport in the sky! Known for our outdoor adventure sports line up such as skydiving, hot air balloon rides, bi-plane/warbird rides, hang gliding, and glider rides we have added ZERO GRAVITY to keep the adventure in you going!

Finally live out that childhood dream of being in space with the ZERO G Experience. Discover what it feels like to float in the air and experience weightlessness just like an astronaut!

To request more information about our latest adventure in the sky, the Zero-G Experience, please contact us at 1-800-SKY-RIDE or send us an email and reference ZERO G in the subject line.

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