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With no prior experience, you can soar the skies with a professional USHGA certified tandem pilot. Our expert pilots are prepared to introduce you to this dazzling panoramic view and make it a safe and unforgettable experience. For those who want to find out what paragliding or hangliding is all about but cannot commit two-days to learning, we offer tandem flights. The tandem flight consists of a short briefing followed by a 30-45 minute flight (weather permitting). If good soaring conditions are not available, you may receive several shorter flights instead. During the flight the pilot will explain what he/she is doing, and allow you some hands-on control of the hanglider or paraglider. A tandem flight is best for the person seeking an exciting one-time experience, with minimum commitment.

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From the moment you launch from the hilltop until you land far below, you will experience the exhilaration of free flight. There is no activity in the world that provides such a feeling of freedom and excitement. Once you have flown, the sky will never look the same!

Actual time in the air for each flight depends on the conditions, but typically a flight lasts around 20 minutes. Allow several hours for your tandem flight, since flight time does not include the drive up to launch, pre-flight briefing and instructions, set-up and safety checks, and retrieval from the landing zone.

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