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New York Balloon Rides Passenger Comments

I just wanted to take a few minutes to say thank you for the fabulous hot air balloon ride that you arranged for my husband and I. It was the highlight of our vacation!

Melissa Householder

Thanks to everyone at New York Balloon Rides! My fiancé proposed to me on Valentine's Day in a hot air balloon ride that he arranged with you guys. It was a day that will never be forgotten. All of my friends are terribly envious, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you received a call from my best friend’s husband. They have an anniversary coming up, and she is dropping some pretty big hints as to how she’d like to celebrate!

Brandy White

The scenery was breathtaking. My fiancé arranged for a sunrise flight. He was a little cranky at first because of the early time…but it turned out to be well worth it! Our pilot was very patient with all of Aaron’s questions about ballooning. I think he will pursue becoming certified after the wedding! I just wanted to say thanks for such a terrific experience!

Ashley Debo

After spending the day with my family watching Brent prepare for our balloon, and then floating above the ocean together, I really feel as though he is a part of our family. He was fabulous with the kids, and took extra time to answer all their questions (and they had a lot!). This was the perfect family vacation! Thank you for making this possible for my family!

Amanda Caldwell

I don’t think that you’ll ever realize how much the experience meant to my husband and I. Our daughter is in the service, and we have been very worried about her, so my husband wanted to plan something extra special this year for our anniversary. It was marvelous! Thank you for your professionalism and terrific service!

Cari Rocknick

Thank you for the best day of my life! My boyfriend booked our balloon ride to celebrate our first anniversary together. Brad and I have always wanted to do this, and he called you because someone he works with recommended you. Thanks for making our balloon ride so perfect!

Amy Yearty

I remember taking a vacation with my parents when I was a little girl and seeing some type of balloon festival. I have been fascinated with them ever since. I heard about New York Balloon Rides from a friend, and knew immediately that I had to do this! It was incredible. It was thrilling, yet peaceful. I am so glad that I found you! I will recommend you to everyone that will listen!

Coral Smirniotis

I just want to write and say thank you for such an incredible experience. The scenery was gorgeous, and the crew was very professional and made the day one that we will never forget! My wife arranged our balloon ride for sunrise, so we enjoyed the most spectacular display of color I have ever seen. Thank you for providing such excellent service. Your professionalism really made us feel safe and comfortable, and the whole experience was fabulous. Thanks for making all of this possible!

Joshua Dawkins

I just wanted to say thank you to Kellie for taking the extra time to make sure our balloon ride was perfect! I called at the last minute (it was sort of a spontaneous decision) to arrange a hot air balloon ride while my Mom was visiting from New York. We really enjoyed our balloon ride, and my Mom went home with some great pictures, and a terrific story to tell all her friends at home. Thanks for going the extra mile for us!

Megan Myers

Thank you to everyone involved in planning our balloon ride. It was everything that I dreamed that it would be, and more! It can only be described as breathtaking. I’d love to go again, so look for us again next year when we’re in town!

Brandi Foy